Meet Our Staff

Sara started Highbrow Society on a whim. She had the idea in the middle of the night,  with a glass on wine in hand, browsing gumtree for commercial leases and signed it the very next morning without thinking to even mention it to her husband first.


The idea was to have a little studio for herself to work at and maybe lease the "spare room" out to one or two others. It definitely didn't work out that way. Fast forward two years and Highbrow Society now have two locations, extra rooms added and a whole team of carefully selected, super talented staff.


Sara's vision was always to have a completely comfortable, relaxed space for her clients. She wanted to set her empire apart from the slough of beautiful yet pretentious salons that littered the suburban landscape. She wanted somewhere casual, with a slightly alternative vibe, good music and a fun environment where clients could be themselves and leave with the best brows they have ever had.


When she isn't leaving red bull cans all over the place after pulling numerous all nighters working on top secret Highbrow business she is a beautiful mother, a supportive wife, a rad friend and the most funloving boss in the entire Beauty Universe. 

Imogen is an absolute brow slaying babe. She has been at Highbrow Society the longest and her reputation is as flawless as her brows.


This is why she no longer sees new brow design clients but is available for tattoo requests. Her work is as sharp as her liquid liner.


Imogen loves cats, tea, live music and gin. She does a scary eye contact thing when you're in trouble ( she's much stricter than our boss ) but is legit one of the kindest most caring ladies you will ever meet. She genuinely loves all her clients - and they love her.

Elisha is our resident sweetheart who slays brows like no other. Her tattooing style strives to create natural looking brows while her brow designs are the complete opposite and sharp as f.


She has been a beauty therapist for 9 years and is qualified in lash extensions, cosmetic tattooing, makeup, and homeopathy. 


After 7.5 years of working in a medispa she decided brows were her passion and has been with us ever since. 


Elisha is obsessed with bikram and is our resident healthy eater. She loves natural, organic and holistic eating. She works in both our salons though is very hard to catch so book ahead.

Tani is a diploma qualified beauty therapist with a passion for brows and goats. You read that right ..... goats.


She is as equally passionate about animal rights as she is beauty. She also holds a diploma of cosmetic tattooing and loves tattooing bold, defined brows.


Tani is also a bit of a secret artist and draws incredibly. Her greatest loves in life are brows, iced coffee and spiced rum. You can catch her at both our salons.

Kerralee is our real lady. She's polite, a little bit proper, ultra lovely and just an all round great human being. A jack of all beauty trades, Kerralee is a beauty therapist, a trained makeup artist and a lash tech. Before joining in on Highbrow hijinks, she had been managing salons for 8 years. She has recently begun her cosmetic tattoo training and we know she is going to be amazing at this as well. Kerralee is a coffee addict and can rap every word to rack city. Spending time with Kerralee is like getting a hug from your Mum, except you leave with killer brows.

Caity is our little kinder surprise. Slightly shy and super sweet, this lady is working with us on a full time basis while pursuing a degree in Psychology.


Feel free to tell her all your problems during your appointments! Caity loves God, fashion and very arched brows. She She is a beauty therapist with lash qualifications and takes her brow and lash game very seriously.


Caity is still building her clientele up and works in both stores so usually has a few appointments available.

Laila - she's basically an organisational god in these parts. She's the most organised person you will ever meet. She has to do lists for her to do lists and actually has a to do list tattooed on her wrist ! Yes, really.


She is currently finishing her Bachelor of Criminology and isnt afraid of expressing her views on all topics social, cultural and political. She is a bit disgustingly in love with her tattooist boyfriend and loves to cook - she's a total feeder!


She's also a vintage hair stylist, makeup artist and blogger who for us - just gets shit done.

This is Emma. Emma is a number genius and can recite long strings of numbers and calculations off the top of her head. What a freak. This is probably why she is our accountant.


She lives in Amsterdam so we spend a lot of time on Skype reading receipts back and forth. She spends majority of her time rolling her eyes at us and wondering how we have all made it through life when we can barely write our day sheets out correctly.


She's pretty awesome she's only ever stuffed our pays up once ( she paid everyone double ) after her very big birthday weekend. We would crumble into financial and paperwork ruins without her.

Highbrow Society Fremantle

24 Fremantle Mall, William Street, Fremantle, Perth

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Mon - Thurs: 10am - 9pm \ Fri - Sun: 10am - 6pm

Tel: 0405 355 534

Highbrow Society Victoria Park

suite 8/443 Albany Highway, Victoria Park, Perth

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Mon - Sun: 10pm -6pm

Tel: 0416 710 750


For more urgent enquiries or to amend bookings please call our salons or message our Facebook.

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