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Hello world! Welcome to the chaotic, and sometimes very twisted inner workings of the Highbrow Hivemind. We created this blog as a washing line to air our opinions, thoughts and points of view to the general public. Exactly what you are told not to do in business - no discussing politics, religion, sex or anything controversial right ?, we say screw that. Sometimes we might venture away from the washing line to step on a soapbox but we promise that such adventures will be few and far between.

So who are these juicy morsels of literary goodness for? Why YOU of course, dear reader. The Queen of brows is an equal opportunist as far as subjecting people to her rantings go. She writes for women, men, those beyond the gender binary, young people, middle aged people, mature people, old people and if there is WiFi in the great beyond, then the unliving and undead are more than welcome to gaze upon the ramblings of her tint addled mind!

I must warn you that our blog is not for the faint of heart or those who are easily offended ( or under 16 ) . For one thing, WE SWEAR A SHITLOAD and while we do our best not to use profanities in salon, this little slice of the internet is just one massive free for all. And now for the important bit: I, the Queen of Highbrow, do solemnly swear that any and all interviews of subjects and reviews of products, services, goods etc will be 100 percent truthful. There seems to be a culture of bloggers having their opinions bought from them in exchange for a few influencer treats here and there. The Queen B ain’t about that life, though if you want to send me treats, please go right ahead (just don’t expect anything but unadulterated truth in return!)


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