Welcome to Highbrow Society, Perth's home of Brow Couture. We consider ourselves the aficionados of arches and want to help you put your best brow forward. For appointments or queries please hit book now on this site or see the contact numbers below:

Victoria Park: 0405 355 534

Fremantle: 0416 710 750


A very intensive treatment for acne prone and seborrheic skin. Deep cleanses blocked pores, removing impurities and improving skin texture. The dramatic differences from acnelan are mind blowing ( google some before and afters ) they come in a course of three and can't be purchased individually and treatments are to be carried out between 21 and 28 days apart. The price includes all three treatments. Also included in the price is all your take home products which are a requirement to support the treatment..  There is a little down time required as about three days after each treatment your skin will flake and peel. It's magical. Zipmoney is available

Lip Tattooing

Full lip or ombré blend. One of our favourite treatments. Perfect for adding colour, volume and correcting symmetry. If prone to cold sores must take anti viral tablets to weeks prior. Must not be pregnant or prone to keloid scarring or on blood thinning medications.  Second touch up appointment required six weeks later is $200.

Powder Brow (Initial)

Powder brow tattooing is done using a machine technique giving an alternative more filled in looked compared to feather touch tattooing.It heals translucent and soft with a nice fade at the front and looks like you have just perfectly filled in brows, This Treatment can also be done as ombre brow or combination brow your Cosmetic Tattooist will have recommendations after consulting with you. PLEASE ARRIVE 30 MINUTES EARLIER FOR NUMBING

Saline Tattoo Removal

The amount of sessions required hugely varies. 

$120 (or package of 3x $280)
Feathertouch Maintenance

Most people require touch up appointments every 9-14 months to keep their brows looking amazing. Similar to having your hair coloured or your nails done your brows do need to be kept up. If it's been longer than 14 months it's the full cost again as there will be very little pigment left and we will need to start fresh.

Yearly reshape or retouch

When shape is needing to be altered so more time is necessary) or after 12 months ,but before 18 months,

Feathertouch Finale (optional)

Pigment sits in everyones skin a little differently. Depending on a myriad of factors including lifestyle, skin type, age and sun exposure,its hard to predict skin retention and some clients may need a third and final visit 4-6 weeks after the second.

Powder Brow Tattoo Conversion

If wanting to convert from microblading that was previously completed by us to powderbrow 

Please note a second appointment for $99 may be required

Feathertouch Touch Up (non Highbrow Society brows)

This often takes lots longer than starting fresh as often there are corrections to be made and we need to remeasure and work around what is currently there so the price is higher than touching up our own work. Sometimes more than one session is required and subsequent appointments are at $99 each. Annual refreshing of the corrected work reverts to our standard price of $175

3rd appointment (if needed )

(not required often must be within 8 weeks of second)

Chin Wax and Thread

Eyelash Tint

Brow Lamination

Brow lamination has recently become hugely popular. It involves straightening and lifting the hairs using a chemical solution to create your desired shape and to cover gaps. Perfect for creating wispy, full, boho brows. Includes tint and shape.

Powder Brow perfection

visit 8 weeks after initial (work previously done by us )

Lash Tint

Lash Lift and Tint

Curls your lashes from the root and fans them out so they appear long with full volume, lasts 4-8 weeks.
(Warning, they are addictive)

Lip Wax and Thread

Deluxe Brow Design

For the girl (or guy!) who loves a little indulgence to go with their designer brow. This service includes all the love of our standard brow design PLUS you will be treated to a clay mask followed by a soothing scalp massage and facial serum allocation. Allow 45 mins.

Dermapen Skin Needling

Dermapen is phenomenal for combating acne scarring, fine lines, congestion, wrinkles, uneven skin tone, stretch marks and even surgical scars. It is not suitable if you are pregnant, prone to keloid scarring or currently taking blood thinning medications. It is best to avoid alcohol for 24 hours prior ( though a glass of wine after is perfectly okay ). Full face and neck $250 add décolletage or hands for $40 per area or have face, neck, decolletage and hands for $300.


We also do a package special that includes four full treatments ( all areas ),and a mini skin kit  for $900 ( thats over $350 in savings ) Zipmoney is availabe for payment plans. Please mention areas being treated in booking notes.

Bro Brows

This is an equal opportunity brow design where we trim, wax and thread to sculpt and tidy your natural brow without making it look obviously manicured.

Beauty Spot Tattoo

Feathertouch Perfection

Second visit 4-6 weeks later to finish your beautiful feather touch brows and keep them on fleek. This appointment is an absolute necessity as they are a two step process.

Brow Design

Bespoke brows, tailored to suit your face shape. This service includes a brow cleanse, brow tint, brow shape (waxed, tweezed and threaded to perfection ), soothing after wax gel followed by a powder, gel and highlight application.

$45 or (upgraded to brow dye $60)
Combo brows
Powder Brow Tattoo Yearly Touch-up
Mesoestetic peels including lactic, glycolic, salicylic and modified Jessner.

All peels include a thorough consultation and skin alalysis, double cleanse, skin prep, peel , crystal mask and aftercare cream application. These peels usually require around 6 treatments two to three weeks apart then one every six months as maintenance. We strongly recommend purchasing post procedure fast skin repair at your first appointment to use after all your peels as aftercare. The one tube lasts a very long time and is $78.  Downtime is very minimal. 

Feathertouch Tattooing (Initial)

Extremely natural looking individual hair stroke semi-permanent tattoos. These are our speciality. Say goodbye to the ol' eyebrow pencil and hello to beautiful brows all day, every day.

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